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What's New

Rosewood Puebla

Rosewood Puebla — Mexico

Review by Lydia Carey.

Puebla's newest luxury hotel pays homage to the city's colonial heritage.

Tierra Atacama Boutique Hotel & Spa

Tierra Atacama Boutique Hotel & Spa — Chile

Review by Karen Catchpole and photos by Eric Mohl.

This all-inclusive boutique resort is a stylish oasis on the edge of town in the Atacama Desert.

Casa Chameleon

Casa Chameleon — Costa Rica

Review by Samantha Wei.

The adults-only Casa Chameleon has put the town of Las Catalinas on the map as a luxury destination.

Hotel Casa del Rector

Colca Lodge Spa & Hot Springs — Peru

Review by Karen Catchpole and photos by Eric Mohl.

A tourism pioneer continues to offer a wide array of rooms and some of the best hot springs in the country.

Hotel Casa del Rector

Hotel Casa del Rector — Mexico

Review by Timothy Scott.

A 19th century rectory home is a gorgeous addition to central Guanajuato in Mexico's heartland.

Hotel Magnoila

Hotel Magnolia — Chile

Review by Gabriel O'Rorke.

The latest high-end boutique hotel to grace the streets of Santiago's bohemian neighborhood of Lastarria.

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