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Luxury Hotels in Colombia

In the past, few of Colombia's hotels catered to luxury leisure travelers because there weren't all that many of them to serve. Most of the top 5-star hotels were for international business travelers and domestic tourists, not to mention the occasional narco-king who needed one floor for the entourage.

As the safety situation improved dramatically and Colombian tourism began to pick up, developers started to feel much better about investing in new hotels and renovating existing ones to take them up a notch. So the last few years have witnessed an improvement in some buildings with a lot of history and the birth of a few interesting upscale boutique hotels. Tourism is now picking up dramatically in Colombia and dozens of new hotels are opening each year. We'll continue to add reviews of the very best luxury hotels and resorts in Colombia.

For now most of the luxury hotel action is in Cartagena, where tourism was strong even when the rest of the country was a pariah state. For now there aren't a lot of high-end beach resorts, but that is sure to change quickly in a country where the beaches are on both the Caribbean and the Pacific.

This is an exciting time to travel to Colombia—in a good way—and we hope to discover more great luxury hotels to review in the coming years.

Bogota Region

104 Art Suites — Bogota

B.O.G. Hotel — Bogota

Casa Medina — Bogota

Hotel La Opera — La Candelaria

JW Marriott Bogota Hotel — Bogota

Cali Region

Hotel Spiwak Chipichape — Cali

Cartagena Region

Casa San Agustin — Cartagena

Casa Boutique Veranera — Cartagena

Hotel Boutique Anandá — Cartagena

Hotel Sofitel Santa Clara — Cartagena

La Pasion Hotel — Cartagena

Tcherassi Hotel + Spa — Cartagena

Coffee Triangle Region

Sazagua Hotel — Pereira


Charlee Hotel — Medillín

Santa Marta Region

Hotel Playa Koralia — Near Santa Marta

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