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Luxury Hotels in Guadalajara, Mexico

Guadalajara is the second largest city in Mexico and is the real heart of the country in many ways. It's the birthplace of mariachi band music, the Mexican Hat Dance, those big sombreros, and of course tequila. There's a real town called Tequila in Jalisco and most of what's consumed in the country and exported comes from two regions near Guadalajara. So for travelers, this city is often the base for tours and tastings.

The luxury travel scene in Guadalajara is limited, however, as this is mostly a business hub. It's the tech center of Mexico for many international companies and of course for the liquor industry, with luxury leisure travelers who come here on vacation being few and far between. Those who do come find a lively city with a good restaurant and nightlife scene and a population that likes to party. Enjoy the very pedestrian–friendly city center and go shopping in the artisan centers of Tonola and Tlaquepaque. Then head out into the countryside past agave farms and distilleries.

There is a sea of similar business properties, but here are the best luxury hotels in Guadalajara:

Quinta Real Guadalajara

Villa Ganz

Westin Guadalajara

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