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Westin Resort & Spa

Westin Resort & Spa—Mexico

Review by Tim Leffel

This original chain beach resort is still one of the best and most convenient in Puerto Vallarta proper.

Entre Cielos Luxury Wine Hotel & Spa

Entre Cielos Luxury Wine Hotel & Spa—Argentina

Review by Karen Catchpole

Splashy suites, the first traditional Turkish hammam in Latin America, and a taste of Mendoza wine country.

The Aubrey Santiago

The Aubrey Santiago—Chile

Review by Karen Catchpole

The Aubrey offers eclectic design and a handy location in one of this city's most vibrant neighborhoods.

Puro Vik Hotel

Puro Vik—Chile

Review by Mark Johanson

This buzzworthy hotel brings a new level of luxury to the under-appreciated Cachapoal Valley wine region.

Chablé Maroma Resort & Spa

Chablé Maroma Resort & Spa—Mexico

Review by Andrea Moreno

Chablé steps up the game with smart modern design, excellent cocktails, and a destination restaurant, Bu'ul.

Grand Velas Riviera Nayarit Resort

Grand Velas Riviera Nayarit Resort—Mexico

Review by Timothy Scott

Grand Velas proves that it's possible to build a luxury resort that's upscale, classy, and has fine cuisine.

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