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Luxury Latin America is the #1 website for luxury travel in South America, Central America, and Mexico.

We offer candid and detailed reviews of the most luxurious hotels and resorts in Latin America, from Mexico down through the tip of Tierra del Fuego. We also feature articles based on the best trips in the region, tours and adventure excursions that are a step above the standard fare experienced by most holiday tourists. And we cover vacation and retirement home luxury real estate developments in the Americas.

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All hotel reviews, tour stories, and real estate features are written by seasoned travel writers who have inspected the properties and experienced the trips first-hand. You can see a short bio for our team of well-traveled writers on the Luxury Latin America Contributors page.

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While the luxury end of the travel spectrum is well-covered by magazines, none concentrate on this vibrant emerging section of the globe. Also, most upscale travel magazines appear to be far more focused on pleasing advertisers and playing it safe than on giving accurate and timely information on destinations and hotels. They typically praise every new property and "what's hot" destination with a mountain of flattery. They are under tremendous pressure to woo and retain deep-pocketed advertisers (who don't take kindly to negative coverage). With lead times of four to six months, they are also often praising new properties nobody has set foot in physically.

Our Luxury Hotel Reviews

We don't operate like that. All hotel reviews are based on first-hand inspections from writers who know a world-class hotel from a routine cookie-cutter one that puts up a good front. They inspect the place floor by floor and and provide an honest evaluation of how it stacks up.

Around the world, titles such as "deluxe" or "5-star" have become so diluted that they are meaningless. We separate the truly great luxury hotels from the ones that say "Five Stars" but are nothing close.

Hotels cannot pay to be a part of Luxury Latin America: all hotels and resorts are chosen by the editorial team in consultation with the on-the-ground writer, based on real quality and service. Although we feature advertising, we are not a booking service. We advise you which hotels are worth your stay, but have no stake in which ones you choose.

Our Luxury Tour Features

For destination and tour features, nobody here is writing a travel story based on a press release: if we can't get there ourselves and experience it first-hand, we don't write about it. We rate how tours stack up against others we have experienced in Asia, Europe, Africa, and North America. Our travel features focus on trips that are extraordinary, exclusive, or have an especially strong focus on service.

We also report on Luxury Real Estate in Latin America, with detailed reports on quality areas for vacation or retirement homes.

We hope you like what you see and will recommend us to other upscale travelers you know. If you have a comment or suggestion, or wish to reach our readers through advertising or a promotion, please see the Contact page for info on how to get in touch with us. For ongoing news and updates on luxury travel in Latin America, see the Luxury Latin America Blog.

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