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In Luxury Latin America you will find detailed information on the best 5-star hotels and resorts in Mexico, Central America, and South America. You can also read first-person stories about luxury tours and adventures that are a big step above the average.


The individual place listings below will take you to a specific country page for the travel destinations we cover, with articles on tours and vacation/retirement real estate in that particular region and a link to all of the luxury hotel reviews. We don't cover every single place to take a vacation in Mexico, Central America, and South America—only the ones willing and able to take care of our readers who can afford to pay for superior facilities and service.

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Much of the luxury travel advice you find on the web is written by infrequent travelers taking one vacation every two years or by the tour companies themselves. (Search "luxury travel in South America" for instance and 10 of the 10 1st-page Google results will often be tour company home pages—essentially ads disguised as travel information.)

As professional travel writers, we can give you detailed, grounded opinions on the best true 5-star hotels and luxury tours. All the stories and hotel reviews you will find in Luxury Latin America are written by experienced travelers who can tell the difference between "spectacular" and "also-ran." And unlike most glossy travel magazines afraid of offending the big corporate advertisers, we're not afraid to tell you when something is not quite right or there are specific aspects of a hotel or destination to avoid.

Where are you planning to travel in Latin America? Click on the appropriate destination link above and we'll help you find the best options. If you want an upscale experience that won't disappoint, this is the place to research your luxury travel options for Mexico, Central America, and South America.