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Honduras is working to make up for lost time as an upscale travel destination, but so far results are mixed. The country's main asset has always been the extensive barrier reef, the second-longest in the world, that extends down from the southeast coast of Mexico through Belize and Honduras. So naturally the facilities on the Bay Islands of Roatan and Utila are the most extensive. Here the dining is good, nearly everyone speaks English, and the scuba diving facilities and equipment are top-notch. With direct flights arriving from the United States, it's a convenient and high-value vacation getaway destination for those in North America.

On the mainland, the picture is more mixed. The big attraction is Copán, the Maya ruins site near the border with Guatemala. It does not boast the great pyramids and awe-inspiring architecture of larger Maya cities to the north, but it is known for having the most detailed surviving carvings and artifacts.

Lately the infrequently visited nature reserves are getting more attention, especially the adventure activity heartland of Pico Bonito, near the city of La Ceiba. Here the hiking, rafting, and bird-watching are impressive but the crowds are minimal. Much of the the land in Honduras is undeveloped or set aside as nature reserves, including all land above 6,000 feet elevation.

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The two largest cities in Honduras don't win over a lot of fans and have become increasingly dangerous. The hotels there are geared toward business travelers, while tourists grudgingly stay a necessary night if they have to while flying in or out. Considering them gateways to Copan, nature, and beaches.

A few forward-looking entrepreneurs are building interesting hotels with character and we expect the ecotourism potential in Honduras to get more attention in the coming years once there's more stability. Browse the "best of the best" hotels covered here, grab a hand-rolled cigar, and enjoy your trip!

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