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Luxury Hotels in Latin America

Luxury Latin America is your source for the best hotels and resorts in Mexico, Central America, and South America. We bring you honest, unbiased hotel reviews of the most upscale and luxurious hotels in the region. We'll tell you which places will make your vacation experience special and avoid the properties that are iffy. We'll steer you to the right deluxe hotel for your travels and tell you when it's worth it to upgrade for a better room or better view.

In Luxury Latin America, you won't find endless listings of every so-called 5-star hotel in a city and we'll only include an average hotel if it's the only game in town. You won't read about the routine or the overrated: only the outstanding hotels and resorts are included. Our detailed and original hotel reviews are written by seasoned travel writers, globetrotters who have been to dozens of countries, staying in hundreds of hotels. We use experts—not unpaid strangers who may not share your discerning tastes.

Luxury Latin America is not a booking service and we do not have a stake in where you choose to stay: links will connect you directly to the the source.

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Hotels cannot pay to be reviewed here; they can only advertise or list their special deal offerings. Our editorial board chooses which upscale hotels are worthy to be reviewed and which aren't, based on quality, first-hand inspections, and well-deserved reputation.

No matter how high your income level, you probably want your money's worth, so we'll make sure you are getting the very best in service and amenities. We will praise the good, highlight the bad, and tell you what gives one hotel an edge over another.

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