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Renting a Home in Argentina's Lake District Near Bariloche

An interview with Bariloche Vacation Rental's Jamie Schectman

jamie-barilocheJamie Schectman spent his whole adult life in Lake Tahoe, California but now enjoys living full time in the Lakes District of Argentina, just outside of Bariloche. He and his wife Shanie manage a wide range of private and fully-equipped properties and they offer personalized service to all guests. Check out our their Living In Patagonia blog for more information on the area and Bariloche Vacation Rentals for property rundowns. We caught up with him to get the scoop on renting a house in Argentine Patagonia.

For our readers who have never been there, what's special about the Bariloche region of Argentina?
Bariloche offers and endless array of outdoor activities. In addition, the natural beauty and dining options are truly world-class. The Andes Mountains are usually topped by snow and they surround a long lake. A major ski resort, Catedral, is near Bariloche.

Why rent a house there instead of staying at a hotel?
All of our properties are located in the most beautiful parts of the area. The homes are all fully stocked, offer wireless internet and offer a nice, spacious, good-value alternative to a cramped hotel room.

bariloche sunrise

What are the differences between Bariloche town itself and the lakeside areas where most of the rental houses you represent are located?
People sometimes make the mistake of visiting Bariloche and staying in the city center. In reality, almost all of the sites and attractions, as well as the best restaurants, are located to the west of the city, towards Llao Llao and Ruta 77 (Circuito Chico). The area outside the city is far more attractive to the eye and is quieter.

bariloche lake houseHow do the prices of rental homes in this area of Argentina compare to those in comparable areas of North America, such as Colorado, Montana, or British Colombia?
Our properties are all very well priced. In addition, there are no additional fees or taxes (hotels charge an additional 21% tax). Thanks to the strong dollar, pound and euro versus the Argentine peso, foreigners are treated to excellent value while maintaining a high level of quality. In dollar terms, these homes are priced at a fraction of what you would pay in the Rocky Mountain regions of the U.S. and Canada.

How did you end up living on the other side of the world?
We first came to Argentina in 2002 for our honeymoon to Las Leñas, as skiing is our passion. We fell in love with the country. In 2004, we decided that we were ready for a lifestyle change and decided to venture outside the box. Knowing that we both loved other cultures, we decided it was time to expand our views.

So we sold our home in California and bought a farm in the Mendoza province. After two years on the farm, we realized we really missed the mountains (our farm was two hours from the Andes), so we relocated to Patagonia and are blessed to call it home. We are currently working on a book about our move from being two ski bums in the United States to discovering a different way of life on an Argentine finca.

Let's say I've got a large family and a big budget. What house is right for me?
The Bariloche Lake View home we represent is three stories, plus it has two kitchens and a second entrance. This house can make family travel very user-friendly.

See more at Bariloche Vacation Rental.

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