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Luxury Hotels in Guatemala

If you're looking for the best Antigua Guatemala hotels or the top luxury resorts in this Central American country, you can count on Luxury Latin America for detailed reviews of the best of the best.

There are only a few luxurious hotels in each vacation area of Guatemala that will please picky international travelers used to the best facilities and service. The hotels and resorts that are there tend to make for a memorable travel visit, however. The nascent Guatemalan tourism industry is perpetually trying to find its feet and often seems at a loss as to how to get more press and attention. Construction on new high-end hotels is rare outside of Guatamala City—driven by business travel arrivals rather than more tourists. The bulk of the places to stay are interesting converted mansions with a strong sense of place, while in the capital city you'll find familiar chain hotels.

Surprisingly, the holiday magnets of Tikal and Lake Atitlan have not attracted many investors willing to swing for the fences and build an impressive hotel that would stand on a level with those getting all the attention in Mexico and Central America. We have reviewed the best inn close to Tikal, Francis Ford Coppola's La Lancha, on the shore of Lake Peten. We've also reviewed the best accommodation choices on Lago de Atitlan, one of the most beautiful spots in the region.

The Spanish colonial city of Antigua is where you'll find most of the Guatemala luxury hotels. The traditional upscale choice of Casa Santa Domingo is joined by several attractive boutique hotels that have moved the bar higher. Some are expanding every few years as holiday business picks up—including from wealthy Guatemalans. With new visitors streaming in by the planeload these days and heading straight to Antigua, we expect them to get more company in the coming years.

The capital of Guatemala City is simply a transit stop for most visitors and most of the routine international chain hotels located there do not do much to rise above the expected. We have reviewed the best options. As new luxury places to stay pop up in this under-served country, we will continue to bring detailed reviews from professional travel writers on the best of the best Guatemala resorts and city boutique hotels.

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La Lancha — Lake Peten, Tikal