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Here's a sampling of the endless possibilities while onboard your private yacht:

Day One: Arrival and pick up from airport (usually included in price). Either dinner and/or cocktails on board or at restaurant in Marina. Overnight in your stateroom or at the nearby Fiesta Inn.

Day Two: The slow rumbling of the engines under your pillow signals your departure toward Los Islotes, one of the most spectacular destinations for underwater adventures. Grab on–board snorkeling or diving equipment (or bring your own) to explore the underwater mountains and canyons with countless species of marine plants and animals, forming a unique ecosystem. Swim alongside the playful and friendly sea lions. Move into Ensenada Grande, named one of the world's top beaches. After lunch, either wakeboard, water ski, or ride the "banana." Anchor is usually dropped in this cove for the night.

Day Three: Pick your pleasure. Fishing, spear fishing, swimming, wakeboarding, snorkeling, or diving. For first time divers, elect for private classes right from the yacht. Or for a relaxing day how about a slow cruise around the island? Others like to explore the beaches and hiking trails on the island. When the sun sets, enjoy a gourmet dinner, and if you had a lucky fishing day, the chef will be happy to prepare your catch of the day. Set sail for La Partida for the night.

Day Four: Before sunrise, your yacht would be on its way to Balandra Bay. Enjoy kayaking here, and the crew can teach guests how to clam and make fresh clam ceviche for lunch. By lunchtime, you will return to the Marina CostaBaja for afternoon flight departures.

Additional cruising days can include cruising south down the Baja coastline to the Bay of Dreams, debarking for lunch at the famous beachfront Giggling Marlin, late afternoon cruise to coast town of Los Barriles, north to white sand beaches of Playa Cachiba and Playa El Tecolote, and exploring the beautiful coves of Isla Espiritu Santo and Isla Partida. The sea is the only limit to your adventure.

Every year from January to late March, thousands of California gray whales come to perpetuate the magical ritual of reproduction. After journeying 5,000 miles from the frigid water of the Bering Sea off Alaska, the whales birth their calves in the protected warm water lagoons found in southern Baja. If you're timing is right, you'll experience a whale sighting. These large mammals will flirt with the yacht, slide off into the horizon, and come up out of the water, dive in with a splash and a wave of their tail. If the whales are close enough, you can feel the misty spray when they blow. Usually you'll see several frolicking close by, and it can be quite scary and exciting as they can be bigger than your yacht! My December visit was too soon for whales, but a pod of dolphins chased us, leaping and twisting in the rays of the sunset.

Your captain knows all the "special" places that only locals know. He can take you to the areas where you can snorkel and catch your own lobster or dig for fresh clams––and enjoy your fresh catches that night. If diving is your forte, he can direct you to exceptional diving spots to see giant Manta and Hammerheads or explore ancient shipwrecks, or where to take your kayak through a glass cove.

From water sports to sipping an exotic cocktail at sunset, your crew develops an itinerary to fit your lifestyle. Cruising the turquoise waters of the Sea of Cortez on your private luxury yacht is the epitome of a personalized vacation on the sea.

Story and photos by Diana Rowe.

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