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Luxury Acapulco Hotels & Resorts

It was glamorous then it wasn't, a hotspot and then not, but Acapulco has been trying hard to get back on the jet set radar again. It has never stopped being a favorite playground of elite domestic travelers from the capital city, but it has struggled to compete with newer, glitzier resort cities for luxury travelers from up north. This despite having some excellent resorts with some of the best views on the coast.

Blessed with a beautiful beach-lined bay backed by hills in one area and a wide beach with big waves a few miles away, it's not hard to find a room with a view in Acapulco. We've personally reviewed the very best luxury hotels and resorts in the Acapulco, Diamante, and Revolcadero resort areas, from long-established players to the second Mexican entry from Banyan Tree. Most of the top resorts are in the area going toward the airport from Diamante, so you avoid the most unsavory parts of the city altogether. Click on the reviews below to find your perfect spot on the Pacific Coast of Mexico.

Banyan Tree Cabo Marqués

Camino Real Diamante

Princess Mundo Imperial

Pierre Mundo Imperial

Las Brisas Acapulco

Quinta Real Acapulco