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Luxury Hotels in Huatulco and Oaxaca, Mexico

Oaxaca City is best known for its Day of the Dead celebrations, the annual Guelaguetza Festival, and its delectable food, especially the mole sauce that comes in many varieties. It has been described as a "living cultural center" and an open-air museum. The region boasts one of the greatest varieties of indigenous people on the continent; the textiles and crafts they produce make this a souvenir paradise. There is plenty of Spanish Colonial history as well and the hotels here reflect the rich heritage.

Secrets Huatulco Mexico

It's a long drive through the mountains to the coastal resort area of Huatulco, so most visitors fly in. As we pointed out in this article on real estate in Huatulco however, that will change when a new road and tunnel system reduces a seven–hour drive to three. For now this is a sleepier version of Acapulco or Puerto Vallarta, with most visitors being domestic rather than foreign. With Secrets opening here though and the government pushing the area hard, expect the facilities and the visitor numbers to keep growing.

There are no luxurious resorts in surf magnet Puerto Escondido, but the landscape changed in 2014 with the arrival of Hotel Escondido, a boutique property on a long, empty beach a half hour from the city.

Huatulco Luxury Hotels

Quinta Real Huatulco

Secrets Huatulco Resort & Spa

Oaxaca City Luxury Hotels

Quinta Real Oaxaca

Casa Cid de León

Casa Oaxaca

Hacienda Los Laureles Hotel & Spa

Hotel Sin Nombre

Puerto Escondido

Hotel Escondido