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Luxury Puebla Hotels

Puebla is Mexico's fourth-largest cities and one of its most important in terms of history and culture. It's where the Cinco de Mayo battle against the French was fought and it's the home to mole poblano. The giant pyramid of Cholula is nearby. For foreigners though, the best-known aspect of Puebla is the beautiful talavera pottery, which shows up in simple coffee mugs and elaborate 12-person complete place settings for fancy dinners.

The UNESCO World Heritage historic center is one of the largest in the Americas, with days needed to cover it all. Most luxury travelers visit here as part of a multi-city tour however. For foodies especially, it's a mouth-watering mix to cover Oaxaca, Puebla, and Mexico City in one go.

The relatively small number of foreign leisure travelers though means that there aren't a lot of luxury hotels to choose from. The ones that are here are small boutique properties, ranging from 8 to 26 rooms. They do all provide personalized service as a result and all of them have highly regarded restaurants where you can sample the best of poblano cuisine. All also provide easy walking distance access to the historic center, so there's no need to navigate the industrial outskirts after arrival.

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