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Travel Advertising and the Path to Purchase

Are You Reaching the Right Travel Prospects at the Right Time?

At the end of 2016, Expedia released the results of an exhaustive study where they tracked vacation planners along their whole path of purchase from the dreaming to the booking. They found that travelers in Canada, the USA, and UK are viewing more websites, reading more articles, and doing more of their vacation planning online than ever before. Here are some of the key findings


online travel content consumption
Time spent on travel content sites is increasing dramatically year over year.

online travel pages viewed
The number of sites visited increases as the trip gets closer.

travel advertising recall
Travel advertising recall is very high during the planning process.

travel advertising recall best early
The ideal time to reach prospects is in the dreaming, inspiration, and narrowing down period. As they visit more booking sites in later stages, recollection decreases.

travel social media importance
The same is true of social media, which becomes increasingly less influential as the prospects move closer to purchase decisions.

travel search engine importance
When travelers are deciding where and how to go, they are relying on search and social proof/advice from those they trust.

travel search regions
For those in the UK and USA, Latin America is #3 most-searched region of the world. For Canadians it is #2.

It is clear from this data that the most effective time to reach potential clients or visitors is when they are still early in the process, before they have decided on an itinerary and what kind of tour(s) or hotel(s) they are going to book. Advertising that reaches them late in the process is likely to be less effective since they have already done their research and made decisions long before hitting the "Buy" button or calling your office.

While social media can be an effective tool in the inspiration stage, its effect is limited closer to the point of purchase.

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[Data and images from Expedia Media Solutions. Get the full report here.]