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The Luxury Real Estate Scene in Huatulco, Coastal Mexico—Part 2

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Sotavento render
© Bayside Realty

Still in pre-sale stage but already causing a buzz is the Sotavento development, which will also be condos—21 to be exact—built on one of the tips of the Santa Cruz Bay overlooking the water. These condos range from $375,000 to $700,000, with the C building closest to the water's edge and slightly separate from the rest of the complex. The views, especially of sunrise, will be breathtaking.

There is also a lot of Huatulco real estate buzz about Montecito, 34 palapas in a car–free complex (you have to use a golf cart if you want something motorized) in Conejos Bay. These villas are priced from a million to $3.5 million and their construction and facades allow them to blend into the natural environment in a way that none of the other developments I saw do.

La Cañada is another small development with four remaining lots available that look out over the ocean and the complex has its own tiny beach and beach access. These lots are snug up against each other and will make for close quarters—and hopefully a tight–knit community—when they are finished. One of their selling points is the separate entrances several of properties enjoy, making them feel more like private homes than a condo complex. The front villa for sale at Cañada is absolutely gorgeous, with infinity pool, outdoor bar, and pale-yellow marble floors.

La Cañada
©Bayside Realty

For many buyers these little details may make the difference. Everyone wants a seaside view and beach access but the quality among building and interior materials differs from space to space says Rameríz.

Most luxury buyers it seems choose Huatulco because of the lifestyle that they can enjoy there. A handful of folks are looking to move money around or invest, but more often than not, even if people are looking to purchase a rental property they plan on making Huatulco their home, at least for a portion of the year.

"It's definitely a good idea to get on an email marketing list if you are seriously interested in the market," advises May. "Resales that are good buys are moving quickly now and you want to keep your eye on any new developments that are launching. Some people aren't comfortable with a pre-sale buy, but if you are willing to do it you can usually get a better deal and save some money."

Community Vibes in Huatulco

The Huatulco community is growing for sure and lots of big-ticket infrastructure items are on their way to the region. The lack of specialty hospitals may make older residents hesitant to move to Huatulco at the moment, but a new hospital has just been announced with construction set for some time in the next five years. Several superhighways from Oaxaca City to Huatulco to Salinas Cruz and back to Oaxaca City are going to cut those commutes in half (the slow—moving projects are finally set to be finished within a year).

In the other amenities category there is a strong sense of community that May says crosses nationalities:

"One of the nicest things about Huatulco is it's not some segregated place, it's people mixing together and really living in harmony, both ex-pats and nationals."

Arrocito beach at Cosmo

For younger buyers the sleepy small-town vibe can be off-putting. But another local real estate agent working at Bayside, Leah Guzman, in her thirties and living full time in Huatulco, says that for her Huatulco is full of opportunity. "There's so much room to grow," she says, "I own a Cross Fit gym, I'm starting an art business, and I am buying my own condo! None of my friends in Toronto can afford to do that."

Plus, the city has an international airport that while small, supports 24 direct flights from Canada weekly, a half dozen from the U.S., and more than 20 to national destinations. It's easy to go wandering if you want to.

What Your Dollars Buy in Huatulco

So what can you expect to pay for luxury real estate when moving to Huatulco? For half a million you can get a 2-bedroom, 2 bath, ocean-view condo with all the fixings, usually with beach access and a few extra amenities like parking and a swimming pool on site somewhere. For a million you can expect a beachfront 3- or 4-bedroom property with killer views, beach access, a private swimming pool, parking, and even furniture if you want. If buying a piece of land and building is you dream, there are still beachfront lots available for about $350-375,000 for about 800 square meters.

Casa de la Vida
© Bayside Realty

To put all this in perspective, these prices are half or less what you would pay in Los Cabos. Prices in Huatulco are quite affordable in comparison to most other beach destinations in Mexico too, but they won't stay that way forever.

"There are plenty of lots still waiting to be developed, so there is still room for development, but I also believe that prices are going to increase more here because there is less inventory available, in the both the sales market and the rental market," says May. "Our investor-type buyers are already getting great returns on their investment because there are just fewer rentals on the market here than in other places."

So right now is a good time to get in on the ground floor while inventory is available, prices are relatively low and the vibe is mellow: even in the high season Huatulco does not fill up like Cancun or Puerto Vallarta. If you buy now for the sunshine and the tranquility you'll be making a smart investment for a future sale.

Story by Lydia Carey, photos by author except where indicated.

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